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Dinosaur And Dragon Toys For Your Kids

If you are looking for light, sound, and battery-operated dragon and dinosaur toys, welcome to Toys First. We have an excellent collection of dinosaur and dragon toys for dino lovers of all ages.

Kids are fond of dinosaur toys, and it’s not a surprise for parents anymore. From T-rex masks, dragons to herbivores, we have a wide collection in stock. They are made of premium quality, non-toxic, durable material and possess a robust structure and durability that allows the toys to be passed on from generation to generation.

They can roar, walk, and shake heads to make your child experience all the fun and excitement. You will love to see your child’s enthusiasm on seeing the real walking action of the toy dinosaurs with light-up eyes and roaring voices. Moreover, they are easy to put into action, simply switch the toy on and bring it to life

Create A Jurassic World At Home!

Unleash the inner dinosaur and dragon fanatic of your fun-loving toddlers with our cool selection of toys! From plushies and figures to playsets and science kits, you can find endless possibilities with Toys First. You can make your little ones play around, ride on dinosaurs or allow them to build their own life-like Jurassic Park at home for some creative fun.

You are sure to find any dragon and dinosaur toy you want to gift your child on any special occasion. Be it a remote-controlled realistic toy, dinosaur toy gun, or a cute dinosaur plush buddy; our toys offer a great way to keep your child busy for hours.

One can never be too old for this category of toys. Hence, you can also gift your creative friends a collectible so that they can create a Jurassic World instantly and display them.

When Quality Matters!

There is a good chance that your dinosaur-obsessed children can barely remember what he had for dinner last night. But they can easily differentiate the toys that depict different species of dinosaurs. They can tell you with supreme confidence that the feathered figure with enlarged claws was a carnivore.

After being in the business for many years and supplying different kinds of dragon and dinosaur toys to all age groups, we know what will make your child happy. They mostly love big dinosaur toys with cool figures, lighting, and sounds that give a realistic appeal.

All our toys in this category are powerful, majestic, and exotic enough to capture your child’s imagination. With us, you will find the most suitable dragon and dinosaur figures based on your kid’s interest.
Moreover, our items are made of abrasion-resistance, quality material that has no harmful effect on the skin. All our toys are non-toxic and vigorously tested. You can arouse curiosity in your children and motivate their creativity with our toy collections.

Choose The Best

Children’s love for dinosaurs can be ubiquitous, and it can be tough to sort through the options and find the best that suits their interests. It is difficult, especially for parents, because they may not be experts on prehistoric animals. Hence, you will have to use your common sense while selecting a toy. You must pick the right model that will improve a child’s cognitive ability along will fun.

You will have to keep in mind that the toy should neither be too challenging nor too simplistic. It can make your kid either overwhelmed or bored. You must keep his interest in mind. If he is fond of action figures, get him one; if she loves puzzles, go with that.

Let’s Get Ready To Play

If your child loves to hear the mighty roar of a dinosaur, browse our selections. We are your best shopping site with an excellent variety of toys, puzzles, and games for your needs. Moreover, we deliver our products across the world. Hence, you can also enjoy the benefits of our quality product by placing an order from anywhere. Call our experts on (02) 9742 6960 or use our online form for more information.


It’s always an intelligent decision to review your item, quantities, billing, and shipping address before finalising your purchase. However, if you feel the necessity of editing your order once it has been placed, you will have to see the order status and make a quick decision. Once we ship your item, there is no scope for editing it. You must contact our consultant to know more about order editing conditions. We will help you as much as possible to make your shopping experience positive and convenient.

If you are a local customer, you can directly visit our showroom during business hours. We are conveniently located at 18/22 Anzac Street, Greenacre NSW 2190 Australia. You can see our collections, choose the type of items you think are suitable for your kid or friends, see the remote-controlled or the battery-operated items in action and then make a purchasing decision. You can instantly buy the item of your choice and take it right away.

If you place your order online, you will get it delivered to your destination at the scheduled time. You can’t pick it up from our local shop. Unfortunately, we do not offer in-person click and collect.

Toys First always encourages your suggestions on our products. Your reviews, suggestions, and feedbacks are valuable for us because we use them to improve the quality of our products and services. Being committed to service excellence, we focus on giving you the best shopping experience. We add your suggestions to our inspiration list and implement it wherever possible.

All our products are laboratory tested to ensure they are free from harmful chemicals. They are supplied by the reputed partners or manufacturers of Australia and are subjected to strict quality and safety controls.

Toys First feel proud to say that all our play items are made of the skin-friendly, toxic-free, finest material. They are designed in such a way that they can’t hurt or harm your child anyway. Our items also comply with the updated safety standard to ensure the safest and the best quality product possible for children of all ages.

Our items are made of ultra-durable materials that can last a lifetime. Additionally, if you care and maintain it properly, it will give you the best result for the long term. Storing the figurines with proper care can prolong their lifespan.

Ideally, you must store them in closets, toy chests, or other storage spaces that are dry, cool, and free from the elements. It will keep their colours staying vibrant, and they will not become damaged or warped. You can also display our animal figures and collectibles indoors on shelves, desks, or other cool and dry spaces.

Our toys are made of flexible, durable, non-toxic materials that can be hand-cleaned with a cloth or sponge. However, you will have to follow the cleaning and maintenance instructions for all remote-controlled and battery-operated toys.

You should avoid using abrasive sponges or other cleaning tools to protect the paint and colour of the product. Talk to our expert consultants to know more about the cleaning and maintenance of toys.


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