Airlines Flash Electric Item No. LX-133

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Toys to buy home children to learn their assembly. The assembly is simple, smart you will. With 3batteries of number, 5can make the aircraft ran. Obstacles can be handy to escape. Turn on the switch, the aircraft can send out euphonious music and presenting a kaleidoscope of colors. In a dark place to play more fun. On blue sky dream, from now on.

Suitable for children over the age of 3.

Packing size:46 *11.5 * 8CM

Color box packing, suitable for gifts.

The European Airbus A380shape wing can be assembled with more DIY fun!

The light is very beautiful can send out music with absolute value!

Electric universal obstacles.

3C products 100% green plastic safe non-toxic odorless


1of the toys only in the glide, can fly in the sky

2the battery cover is the type design, the battery cover is no screws, special note, lest we misunderstanding

3wings have power contact insertion site, installation is compact will cause the light does not light

4 mounting fin inserted after the force is required to press a few times to wait

On the A380

Airbus A380 full length of t fuselage, double cabin with four engines become one of the most recognizable unique shapes. The Airbus A380passenger transport in single has unmatched advantages. In a typical three-class ( first-class cabin – business class economy class ) layout and can carry 525passengers. The Airbus A380aircraft was Airbus as its” flagship” product in the twenty-first Century. A380in service, break the Boeing 747in super large wide-body aircraft and remote field record for 35 years, ending the Boeing 747in30 years on the market monopoly, to become the largest civil airliner passenger.

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Dimensions 46 × 11.5 × 8 cm


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