Kids Ride on Electric Motorcycle LB-5188

$244.44 $220.00

Product Details: This ride-on bike is easy to clean. Assembly required. Suitable for kids between 2 to 7 years of age and has a maximum weight capacity of 30kgs.
It is battery operated with hand throttle accelerated; has working headlights, taillights, wheel lights and has exciting bike sound effects.
It has a key to start with a digital power display and forward/backward function.
Has MP3 socket with SD/USB card port with adjustable volume, horn, and different inbuilt music for extra style and flair that your child will love.
Safe and durable.
Use it anywhere: All you need is a smooth, flat surface to have your child on the move with this toy ride-on bike.

Kids Ride on Electric Motorcycle LB-5188


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